Why ShadeSox

Protect Your Most Precious Cargo

Do your children complain about too much sun, heat, and glare in the back seat? Do you worry about your baby getting too much sun in his or her carseat?

Have you ever seen another driver who’s side windows were deeply tinted… and felt a pang of envy? Did you wish your car, too, could enjoy the enhanced protection, privacy, and the greatly reduced interior temperatures that window tinting can provide? Does your stomach churn a little at the thought of applying those cheap, tacky, bubble-pocked stick-on window tints to your automobile?

The Solution is ShadeSox

Well, put down that bottle of the pink stuff and breathe a sigh of relief, because we have the solution for you. This mesh side window shade is made of a flexible, stretchy material that won’t hurt your car’s paint job or its interior. ShadeSox is durable, lightweight fabric simply pulls down over the car door. Installation could not be simpler!

Instant Protection

Close the door to secure the shade, which is so thin and light that you’ll never know it’s there. Once it’s on, your children are instantly protected, and you’ll enjoy much cooler in-cabin temperatures, greater privacy, and a clean, classy look. And the best part is, when summer’s heat fades, the shades can come right off in less time than it takes to read this.

Don’t wait! Get your ShadeSox set today.

Each set contains shades for two side door windows.