Protect Your Baby

ShadeSox is the universal side window sunshade for your back car windows. The super stretchy and durable material is made from a mesh that helps protect your baby’s eyes against harmful UV rays, shading them from sitting in direct sunlight. Easy to install and remove, ShadeSox are lightweight, foldable, and allow air flow.

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Baby’s Perfect Protection Against UV Damage

Protect your baby or kids riding in the backseat against the damaging effect of the sun’s rays to the skin and eyes. Your baby will also be less irritable when the interior of your car is cool. Its breathable mesh material enhances aeration in to the car.

Easy to Install & Remove

Forget rubbers and attachments that scratch and mark your car windows. The Baby window Sunshade simply slips on and off the door like a sock, giving you freedom to roll down windows for better aeration.

Stretch ShadeSox Fits on Most Passenger Cars

You don’t have to worry about compatibility with your car. The Shade Sox universal car window shade was designed to fit snugly onto any rear car door; thanks to the flexible mesh used to make it.

Car Back Window Screen Improves Privacy

Not only does the baby window sunscreen block the sun and keeps the car cooler, it also creates a visual barrier for prying eyes; giving you and your family maximum privacy while on the road.

Compact Design

Unlike ordinary framed sunshades, the side window sunshade simply becomes part of your car door and never get in the way. They are fold-able when not in use and literally take up no space during storage. Complete with a 100% Lifetime Money back Guarantee.

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